Robert Cox


Robert Cox is the editor at, with over two decades of experience in the field of Data Portability in Telecommunications. His background includes a strong academic foundation in Information Technology and Data Security, which has been essential in shaping his career in the telecom industry. Robert's roles have varied from technical data management positions to strategic policy development and setting industry standards. In his role as an educator, Robert is known for his ability to clearly explain the complexities of data portability to a diverse audience. He has conducted workshops and seminars, sharing his knowledge with industry professionals, policymakers, and academics. His skill in breaking down technical concepts into understandable information has made him a respected speaker and consultant. As an authority in telecom data portability, Robert has contributed significantly to the development of standards and frameworks that support data mobility and security in the telecom sector. His work often focuses on aligning technical innovation with regulatory compliance, ensuring that data portability initiatives are both practical and legally sound. Robert's approach to his work is marked by a commitment to ethical data practices and advocating for consumer rights in the digital landscape. This dedication has established him as a credible and reliable figure in the field. Under his editorial leadership, has become a recognized resource for analysis and information on telecom data portability.

Job Title:

Data Portability expert

Areas of Expertise:

Data portability

ISO 8000

Data economy

Data center

Portability testing